29 September 2010

Living My Life Like It's Golden

It's official: I'm a half century old.

How on earth did that happen?

The obvious answer is, of course, that I just kept living. But beyond the fact that I'm still here, I've tried to live my life as fully as possible (and I've got the stories to prove it). I guess that's why this song resonates with me so strongly. The way I see it, I only have two choices: I can let growing older bring me down or I can try to keep living a life that's full of good friends and good times. Sometimes the choices really are that simple.

In any case . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

I have the distinct feeling that my fifties are going to be even more interesting than my forties . . .


  1. Happy Birthday Milady! It's been quite a long time since I saw you last time in Scotland.

    Fiftieth birthday, that's golden jubilee birthday.

    I'v found a track in the audio folder of my teaching material database—an instrumental piece praising longevity performed by a Taoist ensemble based in Hong Kong. It is usually played on birthdays of Taoist deities.

    I once used this piece as the opening song of a special radio programme produced for Fanne's birthday when I was a radio host in Glasgow. I hope you will enjoy it.

    Click Here to download it from my online storage facility.

  2. Dearest Wei,

    thanks so much for the lovely birthday greetings and for the music. How very beautiful!!! It brought tears to my eyes though. Is that normal? I think it must be a joyous song and not a sad one, but then again, tears of joy are a natural occurrence I suppose.

    Scotland seems ages ago, and like most good times, it seems like I didn't enjoy those days enough when I was living them. I remember Simon telling me that I would miss the days of working on my PhD and I told him that he was crazy. Well, as with most things, he was right ;-)

    Thanks for thinking of me and I am sending hugs and kisses to you and Fanne and the baby, who is probably walking and talking by now ;-)