10 April 2005

Just Say NO...Please

Listen, I'm no technophobe, but I'm stressed enough flying these days without having to listen to EVERYONE around me chattering away on their bloody cell phones. To that end, I have made the FCC aware of my feelings by submitting my comments on their website. According to Information Week, the majority of air travelers DO NOT support in-flight cell phone usage, but just to be on the safe side, I would encourage those of you who feel the same to let the FCC know before their May 26 deadline.

Now I realise that giving you the web address means that those of you who would like to be able to hear all kinds of inane conversations taking place around you, while you're jammed in that uncomfortable seat, peeping the guy across the aisle who's on his fourth gin and tonic and becoming loud and aggressive, will also want to comment. I can't stop you from using the link, but I'll stop speaking to you for a while if you do...


  1. I don't fly enough to care (I've taken two air trips in the last ten years, one of which was little more than a bunny hop). But I agree with you in principle and I will let them know.

    What bothers me is the tiny little seats and the lack of leg room. It's atrocious. I can't sleep, I can't get comfortable, I get side cramps, I'm miserable.

    This is an old joke, but you know the black box they carry? It's supposed to be virtually indestructible? No matter how bad a crash is, the black box survives... So why don't they just make the entire plane out of that stuff?

  2. Dear Ines,

    wonderful site you have. But I'm a bit traurig out of 2 reasons. First of all, you never told me about that site. Accidentely Marika informed me about its existence. So bin ich also traurig, weil Du mich schon wieder vergessen hast. Johnny Cash w├╝rde singen: On the calendar of your events, I am last week. And in "About me" you say you dislike stupidity. Und ich dachte immer, du liebst mich. But now I have to face the fact, that I've been flushed from the bathroom of your heart (again Johnny Cash. Famous german Hip Hopper. Go and get to know him, dear).

    Hugs and kisses.