23 October 2008

The Best Coffee Commercials EVER ...

... or Why I Love the Internet Part 47,859

Someone with way too much time on her hands compiled the Nescafe Gold/Taster's Choice commercials from late Eighties/early Nineties into one fabulous clip. I remember being completely caught up in the relationship that played out over the course of these ads, and watching the compilation now I realize I definitely missed a few. Ah well, such is the beauty of YouTube.

I don't think a campaign like this could work today, given the slow luxurious nature of the individual ads themselves, as well as the unhurried approach of the concept itself. I just can't imagine a pitch being made today for an advertising campaign in which a couple falls in love over the course of a few years in a eleven 45-second spots. But what do I know? Maybe this was as hard to pitch in 1987 as it would be today.

In any case, finding this compilation was like seeing an old friend again: glorious.



  1. coffee is a divine pleasure especiall this time of year when cool mornings and warm coffee go so well together. Its been with me all my life and has never let me down.

    I almost have a sensual relationship with this beverage. ok yes now ive gone to far.

    I have flavia machine for special coffees but Nascafe as seen in the old ad is still one of my not so fu fu favorites.

  2. Nice to hear from you Marty.

    No, you didn't go too far. I completely understand where you're coming from. And after watching these commercials, the sensual nature of coffee becomes even more apparent.

    In Berlin, it is more likely that a "date" will happen after an invitation to have coffee than one to have a drink. I've always found that charming.

    I have a couple Bialetti Moka Pots, but nothing fancy. Luckily I am surrounded by wonderful cafes that take up the slack.