30 October 2008

FPOTUS Barack Obama


Seriously, there is no contest here. The fact that there's the semblance of one says far more about some American voters than it does about Barack Obama.


  1. When the Presidential debates were here in Nashville there was something i will never forget.

    I worked the show doing Audio. when they moved the candidates around we all had to get backstage behind curtains. After the show Barack was leaving the building.

    From behind the Curtain i said rather loudly, Great job Barack as he passed. He stopped parted the curtain and shook my hand saying thank you. talked to all of us and thanked us for all the work we put into the show. One guy refused to shake his hand.
    No matter how far we advance here in Nashville there is always some ignorant racist bastard that the only thing they have left in life is Hate.

    Barack stepped forward and said don't let the Anger get you my friend. I'm Barack Obama and im running to be YOUR President. the guy then shook his hand.

    Pick me up off the floor rolling with laughter. As im laughing out loud i notice even the secret service is smiling.

    Guy goes he's a Muslim. I said Christians are a greater threat to freedom in this country and i fear them more than any Muslim. Now my Union Brothers have something new to think about.

  2. Inez Dont woant you to miss the vote so vote here


  3. OMG Marty, I LOVE that story!! Thanks so much.

    As for the vote, dude it has been pure drama all the way. By Thursday I still hadn't received my absentee ballot from DC, so I had to download a Federal write-in ballot and then race to an express mail place (which cost me 51 euros). The ballot arrived on Friday, but it was too late for it even if I hadn't submitted the write-in ballot. What a mess!

    Thanks for the link though!!

  4. A man who wins the Presidential election and a global poll should have a mandate to lead this country and help the world,

    If Barack Obama is elected, and i do not, repeat do not tempt fate under any set of circumstances. Never underestimate stupidly taking first place in a contest. America might be able to regain some respect again in the world. He will be a unifying force for all the people in the world.

    Inez you tried to vote says volumes that you half way around the world would make and effort. Yet my neighbor would'nt walk across the street to vote. But he does like to complain. I only listen to people who vote i tell him.

    How far are you from Vittenburg( Spelling is my worst) It is the home of the Monk Martin Luther.
    Currently in reading as much as i can get my hands on about him. It make for decent discussion with Protestants who do not even know the teaching of the man who changed the very beliefs they have. How he survived was a miracle within its self.